The Merioneth Historical and Record Society Index

The Merioneth Historical and Record Society was founded on 12 June 1939, but due to the outbreak of war three months later it existed in name only for a number of years. A preliminary meeting was held in Dolgellau on 2 October 1947 when Officers and a Council were re-elected. The inaugural meeting followed at Dr Williams' School, Dolgellau, on 3 July 1948. The Society's first annual Journal appeared in 1949 and three 'Extra Publications' were issued in 1952, 1954 and 1955. The Merioneth County History project was launched in 1957, and to date two volumes have been published - in 1967 and 2001 respectively - the first dealing with the earliest times to the Age of the Native Princes and the second covering the Middle Ages.

The main index lists, in one sequence, all the persons, places, and subjects referred to in the individual issues of the first ten volumes of Cylchgrawn Cymdeithas Hanes a Chofnodion Sir Feirionnydd / Journal of the Merioneth Historical and Record Society (1949-89). The support of the MHRS Trustees in allowing us to use their material is very much appreciate.

A reference is expressed by means of the volume number (printed in bold type) and the issue number (separated by a colon), followed by the year of publication (in brackets), and the page number, e.g. 8:2 (1978), 214. Because this is an index you will have to note hits and look them up later in the Journals in Dolgellau Archives.

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Vernacular Architecture Group Cruck Index

The Vernacular Architecture Group was formed in 1952 to further the study of traditional buildings, originally those of the British Isles. In recent years, its membership and publications have also reflected a growing interest in buildings from other parts of the world. Members are involved in all aspects of the recording and study of vernacular buildings including:

The Cruck Index on this website is a cut down version of the full VAG Cruck Database which can be viewed here.

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