The History of Merioneth II

The publication of this volume marks an important step towards the completion of the comprehensive History of Merioneth long envisaged by the Merioneth History and Records Society. Consisting of thirteen chapters, written by specialists in the field, the volume describes the history of the county in its several aspects from the period of the early Welsh rulers to the end of the sixteenth century.

The political history of Merioneth up to the Edwardian conquest; the government of the county between the conquest and the Union legislation, and the particular position of Edeirnion and Mawddwy; the Church and monastic orders; rural society, settlement and landscape; urban society and trade; the literary tradition of the county and its heraldry; and the political and cultural history in the period following the Union.

Each topic is studied in detail to show the county's rich and fascinating history over several centuries. Chapters devoted to the castles, the churches and monastic buildings and the domestic architecture reflect the importance of the county's built heritage, each contribution a well-illustrated essay.

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The Houses of the Welsh Countryside

This outstanding popular reference work describes the development of Welsh domestic architecture from the late Middle Ages to the Industrial Revolution. All house types - the medieval first-floor halls and hall-houses, the sub-medieval house of the late Tudor and Stuart periods, the gentry houses of the Renaissance and the cottages of quarrymen and smallholders - are described in terms of both their plan and construction and their historical and geographical significance. Houses of the Welsh Countryside was first published to in 1975, and updated in 1985 to include recent discoveries, as well as revised interpretations of old sites, the comprehensive illustration of the first edition is further enhanced with new drawings, maps and colour photographs.

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